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As one of the best affordable moving company in Los Angeles, "Coast to Coast" goes the distance when it comes to providing long distance moving services in Los Angeles. At "Coast to Coast", we offer long distance moving solutions that work for both your budget and your moving needs. Since long distance moves require additional strategic planning, our professional long distance movers in Los Angeles work closely with you so that your move is completed smoothly and on time. We understand that a long distance move is a large and detailed process, and "Coast to Coast" is proud of the fact that we complete your moving journey with providing a consistent, high level and professional moving service along the way. Are you searching out a trusted and affordable cross-country movers in Angeles? Seek no greater due to the fact our movers recognize each nook of this California gem, and they`ll make sure you`re ready and geared up to hit the beach in no time. Armed with years of enjoy and lots of hints and hacks, our affordable movers in Los Angeles are expecting your call.
Have any questions? We've got the answers. Call our full service movers Los Angeles at 888-525-3055 now! We also offer services in and around Irvine, Santa Barbara.

Our services

Our affordable movers in Los Angeles begin with the planning of your move and packing of your belongings. There are three options for packing: full-service packing, fragile-only packing and self-pack. If self-pack is chosen for long distance move, our full service movers Los Angeles can provide you with the necessary moving supplies such as moving boxes, barrels and stretchwrap. Other moving services offered by "COAST TO COAST" include disassembly and/or assembly of furniture and appliances. If you want your moving boxes unpacked as part of your long distance moving plan, just let us know. We also offer storage services, installation and assembly assistance as your interstate movers. Being premier among affordable moving companies in Los Angeles, long-distance moves are what we excel in. Besides of Los Angeles, we also offer movers and storage services in and around Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley. To know more about our services, call us at 888-525-3055 now!

Moving guides

The long-distance moving process is inherently different than other type of move. Special regulations and planning make long distance moving a special challenge for affordable LA movers. These guides offer common sense advice to help simplify your move process.


Are you looking for a trustworthy cross country movers in Los Angeles to assist you with settling down in the City of Angels? Look for no more on the grounds that our cross country movers know each edge of this California diamond, and they'll guarantee you're good to go and prepared to raise a ruckus around town in the blink of an eye. Equipped with long periods of involvement and a lot of stunts and hacks, our movers in Los Angeles are sitting tight for your call.

Once you commit to moving cross country, you adopt an endless list of new responsibilities. You have a lot of planning to do and planning is soon to become a daily reminder of the journey to come. The following guide will explain everything you need to know about preparing for your cross-country move.


Interstate moving companies are regulated differently than local movers considering the extra distance and risk covered by an out-of-state move. The following guide details the most important rules and regulations you need to note before your next interstate move. If you need any help regarding moving, our interstate movers Los Angeles are always there to help.


Get to know the ins and outs of a long distance move better with our detailed explanation of the move process. Find a local agent near you.

Tools & Tips

If you’ve moved more than once, you probably have a few tried-and-true methods for packing up your items. Because we’ve helped families move across the country, we have a few packing tips for moving to share that will help make the process much easier! Whether you’re a first-time mover or a seasoned pro, follow our moving/packing tips to protect your belongings as they travel to your new home.


Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, including some designed to make moving specific items easier (like wardrobe boxes, lamp boxes, TV boxes and dish pack boxes). We recommend choosing a moving kit that includes an assortment of boxes to accommodate the various items in your home.


These large sheets of plain paper are perfect for rolling and wrapping your items to protect them during the move. And here’s a pro tip—line your boxes with crushed packing paper to provide extra cushioning for the contents.


Choose from three different blanket styles to protect your items from scratches and dust while you’re moving. And when the move is over, you’ll be surprised how many uses you’ll find for them around the house (as a picnic blanket or pet blanket, in your car emergency kit, and more).


For items that won’t pack easily in a moving box (or just don’t fit), stretch wrap will do the job. Use it to bundle large items together (like bedrails) or to keep small items in place in their container.


This one is pretty self-explanatory—tape up your moving boxes well to avoid a fallout!


in packing paper, foam wrap, or Bubble Wrap® for much-needed protection. Pot holders and dish towels can also double as extra cushioning.


from lawn mowers, weed eaters, chain saws and other gas-powered equipment.


Jewelry, medications, daily toiletries and important documents are items we recommend that you keep with you during the move.


Remove feet or legs from furniture, take lampshades off of the base, etc. This makes it much easier to load your items into the moving container.

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